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I don’t know if you have ever been in this situation, but my dad accidentally found my vibrator. It was really embarrassing, especially as I had just started exploring my sexuality and did not really know what it was all about yet. Honestly, I was just having funending out what I liked.I had a couple of close friends who worked with the top escorts in London agency of, so if ever I needed some advice or had a queries about sex I could always go to them. It made me feel great and I had a great time.

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My Special Friend

My girlfriends had been working as escorts in London for a few years were very special to me. Sex had always been a bit of a taboo subject in my home, but they had looked after me.They had introduced me to a special male friend of theirs, and he had sort of taken me under his wing. Not only was he a very nice man, but he was also anxious to teach me about sex and how to enjoy myself. At first I had been a little bit nervous but he always made me feel comfortable. After a couple of weeks I had started to relax and enjoy myself. It was him who had given me the vibrator, and I did not want my dad to and out about him. He spoiled me a lot and made me feel special.

Learning about sex

As we had not really talked about sex at home, ending a vibrator in my bedside drawer was a really big deal for my dad. I was told off, and my dad took the vibrator away. It did annoy me but I knew my friends from London escorts would give me a new one. He believed in vibrators and thought it was an excellent way for girls to learn about sex. Many girls do not and it easy to experience an orgasm. I was no different from many young girls, so my friend and I often used vibrators. He was always anxious for me to enjoy myself and experience sexual satisfaction in my sexual relationship with him. I must admit I did really enjoy sex with him.

What to do if your dad and your vibrator

It is important to explain to your dad that you are growing up and you are experiencing sexual feelings. Your hormones are going wild and you are easily aroused. Even though my dad took my vibrator away, I did sit him down and explained to him that this was a very safe way for me to explore my sexuality. Yes, it was embarrassing but it is just one of those things you have to go through when you are young. I think most parents do understand, but understanding and accepting can be two different things. I am still good friends with the escorts from London, and we do spend time together still. My dad did come to terms that his little girl was growing up. However, there is one thing he does not know. I now work as a part of a team of escorts in London, and I really enjoy my job. It is my career choice but I will never tell my dad. After all, I am still his little girl.



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