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One day when I went to work to do my usual shift, at the cafe that I spend my days at, I was serving coffee and in walked someone that I recognized. I then realized that it was a person that I had an intense crush on back at high school. He quickly made his way over to the coffee counter; as he made his way closer I began to feel extremely nervous, mixed with excitement at the same time.

I wondered whether he would notice me. As he walked closer he began looking at me with an intense stare. As soon as our eyes met each other we both know knew that there was a sexual connection and I decided that I would take the chance and ask him how he was doing. He replied that he had missed me and that it had felt like so long since we had last seen each other. This made me excited, as I never knew that he had any feelings for me.

As he ordered his coffee he asked me what I was doing that evening and I explained that I had no plans. He asked me whether I would want to go for a drink and I quickly agreed that I would. We decided to meet at the bar and would have dinner afterwards. When I arrived at the bar he was already there and he quickly bought me a drink. As the drinks flowed through our bodies I became more and more aroused by his presence. I asked him if he wanted to come back to mine to have dinner and he agreed that he would.

When we arrived back at mine, the sexual tension was so much, so I quickly moved towards him and told him that I had missed him intensely. Our lips met each other and we quickly began kissing and rubbing each other’s bodies. He then began removing my clothes and before we knew it, we were licking each other’s bodies. The passion continued and we quickly started making love.

This was an intensely passionate experience, as I had dreamed of doing this many times. When it actually began to happen I was so excited that I had an orgasm that was incredibly intense. We then had some dinner and promised each other that we would meet again soon.

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