Teasing to please

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What is teasing to please all about? Recently I sat down and spent some time going through my reviews on our http://charlotteaction.org/fulham-escorts Fulham escorts website. I notice that a lot of gents had left comments like “she always teases to please”. For a moment I felt a bit lost and I actually started to wonder what my gents meant by that. Then I realized that I am a bit of a tease and like to tease my gents. I think that it raises the ultimate pleasure and many of them do seem to appreciate that.

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You can tease to please in many different ways. I like doing it at any time but I certain like to do it when I give a massage. Massages are really popular here at Fulham escorts and we are seeing an increasing number of gents requesting them. I am sure that many other London escorts services are finding the same thing. Most of the time it is stressed out businessmen who like a massage and I do love massages. Dating with these sexy escorts are very amazing.


Most of the other girls here at Fulham escorts do not offer different massage techniques but I try to do just that. I find that my gents appreciate everything from a sexy tantric massages to a deep tissue massage. I have all different ways of finishing a massage and I never let a gent decide how the massage you should be finished. This way it is a nice surprise at the end, and I think it becomes part of the teasing and pleasing experience in more ways than one. I have this feeling that many of my gents really appreciate my technique and style.


Teasing and pleasing come into role play as well. I never used to be into role play in a big way, but it is being asked for more often here at Fulham escorts. Once again I think it has something to do with the stress factor. Many of my gents tell me that they think of role play as pure escapism and I can see where they are coming from. It is great fun for me and I love the fact that I can just play with my gents. I have a couple of favorite characters. My French Maid certainly likes to tease and please with her dusters.


One gent who left a comment about me on our Fulham escorts website, said that I was naughty but nice. It really made me laugh and it made me feel like I am a naughty little girl. Perhaps that is essential when you are a petite. Gents want you to be naughty and nice, and it sounds like I have been able to pull it off. I like being naughty and nice, but I have to admit that letting the devil out to play on occasion can be a lot of fun and I love it. It sounds like many gents like the devil in me as well and that is good news!

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